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In civil court matters, a Process Server is someone who serves or delivers legal documents, such
as subpoenas, summonses, court orders, various legal notices and in some cases writs.

It is NOT usually a good idea to have a non professional serve your documents. Normally they do
NOT know the laws and rules involved in process serving nor do they usually know how to fill out
a proper proof of service affidavit. Either of these can cause a service to be declared invalid and
possibly cause you to lose the case or at the least force you to start over. Additionally many
people attempt to evade service and a Professional Process Server has a better chance of
completing service. Finally, process serving can be very dangerous. Many people get very angry
when served and attempt to take it out on the Process Server. Over the years I have seen many
servers attacked.  I have known of several servers that survived vehicular attacks and were shot,
several more were shot at but not hit.

There was a  time when Sheriffs, Marshals and Constables were considered good choices for
serving papers, however that is no longer the case. Most Marshals no longer serve papers and
many Sheriffs and Constables are so busy with other duties that your papers may sit for weeks
or longer before an attempt to serve is made.  Additionally, when a Marshal or Sheriff in uniform
is seen, many people simply do not answer their door. The Sheriff or Marshal walks away and the
papers are returned to you not served.

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Process Server.  Registered and Bonded.  Priority Service Direct is ready to
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